Friday, December 11, 2009


I am still waiting to hear from Mama Fu's as to how much we are getting from them due to alcohol and gift card sales, so I will update as soon as I know that but for now, the grand total is:
We had 57 people eat dinner, 16 vendors and tons of raffle tickets bought!
I can't thank everyone enough for helping/supporting/coming/loving and believing in me and this event and a ton of other things.
I do believe this is a calling from God for me to do this for so many reasons - it was actually easy for me and those who know me well, know I get overwhelmed and stop MANY things; I have to believe my life is on the right path and I did have cancer for a reason and this is one of many of those reasons (not sure what all the reasons are yet!).
I learned so much from this and learned what I can accomplish with believing in myself and the help of many loved ones.

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